RHEL6 64Bit Install Flash Player For Firefox

By default, RHEL6 using the x86_64 browser (firefox).

[root@demo ~]# rpm -qa | grep firefox 

So, using yum or download the flash rpm file from intrenet will not work for 64bit browser (Yeah!)

So just forget all the i386 version packages. ( even download it from adobe website).

How to do?

1) First, visit Adobe Labs : Adobe Flash Player "Square"

2) And click on Download Flash Player "Square" on your right hand site.

Adobe Flash Player "Square"

3) Click on Download plug-in for 64-bit Linux on the bottom of pages, save the file.

4) Extract it and you get a file name libflashplayer.so

5) Copy the libflashplayer.so to /usr/lib64/mozilla/plugins/ (Check online for the location to store the .so file with your firefox version.)

6) Restart your browser & Done.